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Ongoing A Day as a GAUC Rep

▲Participate in pavillions, discussions with industry leaders, media interviews

▲Organize events, youth declarations, and commentaries

▲Up close with dicountry representatives

Besides the "traditional" activities, they've also prepared some "uncommon" initiatives

On December 12 at 6PM, we are launching

~Global Youth Sustainable Fashion Show~

The youth representative members of GAUC-COP25, as fashionistas, will switch into a different persona to present you with a series of walkway pieces.


So what is it all about?


It's a show


It's a fashion show


It's a sustainable fashion show


▲Selections from this lookbook

So... What is sustainable fashion?

In recent years, sustainability has been a trending topic in the fashion and clothing industry. From designers to business operators, from environmental experts to government officials, everyone is advocating for the product from fashion and environmental protection. The scientific definition of sustainable fashion is: behaviors and processes that promote the transformation of fashion products and fashion systems to a more ecological and social justice.

In 1992, at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (also known as the "Rio Earth Summit"), "green issues" was officially introduced into the fashion and textile publications;


Vivienne Westwood, a famous environmentalist from the United Kingdom;

The concept of sustainable fashion has slowely made its way into the public, becoming a new lifestyle.

Unlike “fast fashion” in trend a few years ago, sustainable fashion is slowly becoming a mainstream benchmark. The mission of sustainable fashion is: Environmental protection, circular economy, ecological harmony, and green consumption.


Rome wasn't built in a day, neither is sustainable fashion. It requires continuous effort from the entire society. The younger generation is the main driving force behind fashion, and actors for sustainable fashion (citing descriptions from various sources of data and report). From climate initiatives on campus to teenage designers, youth are acting fast. Lise Kingo, Director General of the United Nations Global Compact Organization, once said, “Youth is the driver behind innovation, the source of energy in realizing the sustainable development goals.”

The Future of Fashion Innovation and Chinese Youth Climate Action was launched at the 25th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25) at the Chinese pavilion at 6pm on December 12, local time. Representatives from the textile and fashion industry, youth organizations, government, media, and NGOs was invited to discuss how the textile and fashion industry can grasp the future in the face of changing circumstances, and work together with youth to innovate actions to combat climate change. Possible solutions were also presented. The side event was co-sponsored by the China National Textile and Apparel Council, the Youth Action Network for Climate Change, Vanke Public Welfare Foundation, and the Avenue for Climate Change Promotion Center, with special support from the GAUC-COP25 Youth Delegation.

Unlike traditional shows, this fashion show is a rebrand of old pieces of cloth by designers from various education institutions, with the mission of showcasing the concept of sustainability from university students in China.

No bottles and cans,

No old bed sheets and mosquito nets,

No newspapers and rolls of plastic bags.

The show is put together using waste materials with environmental protection in the heart of the design.



Identifiable (of Chinese youth)


The author:ISCCD
The translator:Lucy Tony
The Editor: Haijing Ma

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