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GAUC Ambassadors’ Open Letter to World Leaders

Your Excellency, 

We are Global Youth Ambassadors from the “Climate x Training Program” of the Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC), and we recognize that climate change is not only a future threat but is generating impacts now around the world. We are convinced of the need to explore the synergy between climate action and other 16 SDGs and committed to developing innovative solutions. Against this backdrop, the youth generation is a valuable contributor to addressing the climate crisis and a major force representing the net-zero future.

The GAUC “Climate x” Training Program was co-initiated by Sciences Po (France), Tsinghua University (China), and Stellenbosch University (South Africa). Combining efforts with 12 other GAUC member universities from six continents, they created the first-ever university-level joint training program across the globe dedicated to reaching a net-zero future. We feel truly honored by the opportunity to leverage the knowledge and expertise as we create innovative solutions to mitigate the consequences of the global climate crisis. From designing digital games to raising public awareness and developing mobile applications to reduce our ecological impact, GAUC Ambassadors teamed up to become transformative actors.

The climate crisis requires a global solution with a sense of urgency and resolve. However, the solution seems far-fetched as the gap between the present emission pathway and the world’s shared net-zero vision in the Paris Agreement remains vast. Therefore, we, GAUC’s Global Youth Ambassadors, have vested interests in climate action to help the world and are ready to contribute our passion, insights, intellect, and actions to protect our planet for a sustainable future.

We, as the future generation, call on global leaders to recall the principle of intergeneration equity and uphold global solidarity and multilateralism. We encourage countries to transition their long-term net-zero carbon commitments into strengthened actions for the well-being of our generation and generations to come.

We, as an international corps dedicated to addressing our climate crisis, call on global leaders to broaden channels for young people to effectively participate in global climate governance. Beyond being observers and voicing out, young people are capable of making transformational changes with their wisdom and solutions.

We, as creators of the net-zero future, also call on global leaders to provide more platforms and opportunities to improve the overall competency of global youth. Now is the time to mobilize youth from all over the world to shape our collective future. We look forward to more training programs, employment opportunities, and local engagement for young people everywhere.

With diversified opportunities and platforms, we young people will strengthen our climate leadership and broaden our horizons. Thinking globally and strategically, we organized the Global Youth Summit on Net-zero Future for youth and co-initiate the 1st Global Youth Climate Week together with around 100 global partners from 6 continents. We will deliver practical climate action locally and mobilize more people to attach greater importance in providing solutions to the climate crisis. We would sincerely appreciate it if you could value the significant role of youth and provide scaled-up and continuous support for our local practice. We also welcome, at the global level, that multi-stakeholders can initiate more cooperative partnerships for youth. Together, let us rise to the challenges and opportunities of our times, and jointly create the net-zero future for all!

Yours sincerely

Global Youth Ambassadors of Global Alliance of Universities on Climate

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