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GAUC Youth Delegation Gears Up for COP28 in Dubai

On November 25, 2023, the COP28 Youth Delegation of the Global Alliance of Universities on Climate (GAUC) met to complete their preparations for the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28).  


Leveraging the achievements of the 'Climate x' Leadership Training Program, the GAUC COP28 Youth Delegation includes traineres chosen from this training, dedicated students from GAUC member universities, and representatives of the GAUC Global Youth Ambassadors last year.

Alice HO, GAUC's Chief Youth Officer, initiated the meeting by outlining GAUC's mission and the youth delegation's role. This was followed by introductions from the GAUC Secretariat staff. An Najiang, GAUC's Program Officer, moderated the meeting and shared GAUC's key activities planned for COP28.

To optimize the young delegates' experience at the UN Climate Change Conference, the GAUC Secretariat has invited members of the 2022 GAUC Global Youth Ambassadors, who were part of last year's delegation, to serve as youth mentors. Moreover, the GAUC Secretariat has established essential guidelines for the team. These guidelines are designed to encourage students to form active groups, share resources, and collaborate on diverse initiatives, demonstrating the commitment and efforts of youth in addressing climate change.

Youth mentors then introduced themselves and their role in the delegation, offering a glimpse into the diverse expertise within the delegation. Their introductions were followed by those of the student members, highlighting the wide range of skills and enthusiasm present in the group.

During an open discussion, youth mentors recounted their past experiences at COP. They highlighted a significant achievement from the previous year, where the young delegates presented a GAUC Global Youth Ambassador’s Open Letter directly to five heads of state, 14 ministers from 11 countries, and numerous government delegations at COP. This experience served as a benchmark, offering valuable insights for the delegation's new initiatives at COP28. The conversation then shifted to brainstorming ideas for hosting side events in pavilions, with a focus on showcasing cultural diversity.

Reporter: WANG Xinlu

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